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Winemakers sandwich|48

A sandwich that blends flavors as olny winemakers


Brrey cheese,youg gauda ,truffele butter,berry jam,rocket leaves

 Yizraela sandwich 58

A hot sandwich full of love - caution danger of addiction!

Avocado, fried onion, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, purple onion, filled with aged and young Gouda cheese, lettuce, and a secret ingredient so...soohhh

Harves sandwich | 47
A sandwich of intense and invigorating flavors because soon the sun will soon rise and the grapes must reach the winery quickly.

Aged gouda, onion jam and red wine, mustard aioli,

Reduced balsamic cream and fresh rocket leaves

Platter of fine cheeses 90

Aged gouda, young goat gouda, brie, Greek feta, cheddar, truffle butter dips, nuts, vegetables and fruits - served alongside a warm ciabatta

קוקטייל פרוזה  - 42

הדבר הכי מרענן וטעים שקיים בערך. קוקטייל על בסיס רוזה מבעבע טבעי שלנו עם פירות יער , תותי שדה קפואים קרח ונענע. 

קיץ לבן  - 42

קוקטייל מתקתק ומרענן של יין לבן מבעבע, ענבים, ביזיליקום, נענע ומלפפון. 

תייגו אותנו 
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Green salad 48

Spinach mix, toasted pecans, Grand Smith apple, pomegranate, goat gouda,

Honey and lemon vinaigrette.

Panzanella salad 48

Hot bruschetta, tomato slices, roasted cherries, basil, Kalamata olives, roasted pine nuts, buffalo mozzarella, reduced balsamic

Artichoke   | 48

Artichoke on the plancha, sour rocket salad, lemon cream, lavender, roasted almonds

from the oven

Corason dream| 48

Cream cheese, berries, fresh strawberries, basil, roasted pine nuts, reduced balsamic, rocket leaves. Served alongside a leafy salad

Salmon Corason| 49

Cream cheese, smoked salmon, purple onion, lettuce. Served alongside a leafy salad

Fine quiches    | 58

Spinach/sweet potato/mushrooms/broccoli

Served with a salad of leaves, sherry, and old cream

Bread and dips | 20

Extra bread |10

connect to the ground

vine leaves| 48

Round rice, onion, beetroot, pine nuts, cranberries, parsley, mint, and lemon in vine leaves cooked long and slow on tahini cream, perfect yogurt


Apple Crumble | 38

Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Brownies 25

three chocolates


Cheesecake New York | 39

Baked creamy cheesecake, toffee sauce

Butter/chocolate croissant | 16

And now for the main course...

לוגו יקב.png


Double tasting tray |100
: The tray includes
White wine + two reds from the Jezreel series + premium red

Do you prefer wine in a glass or a bottle?

Here is an abbreviated menu. And if you want to delve into the wines, scroll down.

Winter special - hot sangria 38

Sweet and spicy warm red wine

White wines

semi dary   | Gwurztraminer    35 / 120

Sauvingnon Blanc | dry            35 / 120

                     Rose | Dry      out of stuck          

יזרעאלה         | חצי יבש    35 / 120

פט נאט           | מבעבע         | 130

שמש               |   יין קינוח  45 / 135

יין אדום - בלנדים

אלפא    |  מלא טעם,רציני, קל  35 / 121

נהלל     | פירותי,זורם, קל   35 / 121

אדומים  | ים תיכוני,מלא טעם,בינוני  35 / 128

מגידו | רציני, מורכב, עוצמתי   45 / 139

אייקון   | מורכב,עוצמתי,למבינים    | 315

יין אדום - יינות זניים 

ארגמן | ישראלי, מורכב,מיוחד במינו  45 / 195

קריניאן | מתובל, אלגנטי,בינוני           | 160

סירה | מורכב, מתובל,עוצמתי           45 / 160


Espresso - 9
Double espresso - 11
Macchiato - 9
Double macchiato - 11
Americano - 11
Reverse - 13
Big reverse - 15

Herbal tea - 11

Hot chocolate pralines - 18
Iced coffee - 16

Cold Americano - 13

About the winery and the wines

We founded Emek Jezreel Winery in 2012

The winery has engraved on its banner the vision of creating the most Israeli wine there is.

From 2012, we started a creative process whose goal was to find the identity of a true Israeli wine in a field where French and American style wines were created. And in short... to create local pride and bring it to the world. The main varieties in the winery are Carignan Crimson and Syrah. Distinct Mediterranean natives and ideal for growing in warm climates.

Over the years, our Israeli wines have proven themselves in the world and have broken many records. Among them the first entry of Israeli wine into a 3-star Michelin restaurant with Carignan at Le Petit Nice restaurant in France and from there to many more. Today the winery stands at the forefront of Israel in terms of presence in Michelin restaurants in the world from France to the USA.

Our vineyards are scattered from the area of ​​Keat Ada and Zichron Ya'akov, through the Jezreel Valley to the Upper Galilee. Each variety in the perfect area for its cultivation.

We wish you a magical experience in our winery

 Jacob Ner David and Yehouda nahar

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