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The location of the vineyard in the lowlands of the coast gives the variety ideal conditions for it. The harvest was done manually and the wine underwent cold soaking and gentle fermentation in small tanks with manual mixing only. Continued aging in wooden barrels with a volume of 300 liters for 18 months.

The scarlet variety is an original Israeli variety that is characterized by perfect adaptation to the hot Israeli climate. It reaches full ripeness with high acid levels compared to other red varieties. 
These varietal properties combined with the unique winemaking techniques create a complex and balanced fresh wine. Rich in fruit flavors and delicate spices with a   floral, long and refreshing finish.

An extraordinary experience of Israeli cuisine at its best. 


Aged 18 months in an oak barrel. 

Especially suitable for lamb, local goat cheeses and tabon dishes.


Vintage: 2019


Crimson reserve

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